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  • Infertility Testimonial, Candy from Wellington, FL
    My name is Candy. I'm 38 years old. I'm so happy to tell you I had a baby boy three months ago. I would like to give thanks to Dr. Hui Wei for helping me get pregnant. Now I want to share my story with everyone.

    I wasn't pregnant in the beginning. I was nervous because of my age. We went to see the OB doctor and had some tests. The doctor said everything was ok and just keeps trying.

    But I still worried about my health and told a friend of my concerns. My friend suggested that I go to see a Chinese doctor. Then I went to visit Dr. Wei. I told her my history. She touched my pulse and said, "You are Yang Xu. That means even you are pregnant but your body can not keep the baby. I can help you use Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion and some Herbs." I said:"I wanted to try, because I'm an old lady, and I don't have much time." She told me to have acupuncture and moxibustion once or twice a week for couple of month. I said I don't have much time maybe one month. I just want to try, the second month I was pregnant. But ten days later, the baby was gone. It was a natural miscarriage. I was so sad. Dr. Wei told me "you need three or more months to recover, in the mean time have acupuncture and moxibustion once a week. This would make your body strong to hold the baby."

    Every week I went to see Dr.Wei and took some Herbs for 3 months. Dr. Wei told me my pulse was getting better. I remembered the last time I went to see Wei was August 9th, and then on Aug 23rd, I found out I was pregnant!

    Anyway, we would like to thank Dr. Wei for helping us get a baby. If you ever want to have a baby and you have some troubles, I suggest you talk to Dr. Wei, she can help you, This way (Wei ) is the best way and can make your dreams comes true.

    Candy Tan Wellington, Fl
  • Infertility Testimonial, Tracy from Weston, FL
    My name is Tracy and I am 38. Dr Wei treated me for infertility and my son is 12 months old now.

    I believe that Chinese medicine system including acupuncture is a very sophisticated system. It treats body from inside and out in a nature way. In modern time, it compliments western medicine system in a way so we receive maximum benefit from both systems. Since Dr Wei received education from both western and Chinese medicine system, she has great understanding of how one system compliments the other. I went to Dr Wei after trying to get conceived for a year but without success. The infertility specialist doctor did all the tests on me and my husband and didn’t find out anything wrong. Before I started to do IUI, I went to Dr Wei for treatment. She told me that the treatment was going to help my blood circulation and make my body balance, especially my uterus to get ready to conceive. I got pregnant after the 1st IUI. I am very happy and I think Dr Wei’s treatment has greatly improved my chance of getting conceived. Dr Wei is knowledgeable, considerable and very skillful. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking alternative treatment for their medical issue.

    Tracy Weston, FL
  • Infertility Testimonial, Samantha
    My name is Samantha and I am 37 years old. I have stage IV Endometriosis and Uterine Fibroids. After trying, unsuccessfully, on our own and trying IVF, unsuccessfully, (without Acupuncture) I was to say the least distraught. Dr's told me I "have bad quality eggs" and if I got pregnant "the chances of carrying to full term or possibly having a baby with Downs was high". With research I found many infertility couples got pregnant with Acupuncture.

    Thankfully I found Dr. Wei who was able to help. My FSH levels were high at 12. With a change in Acupuncture treatment, Dr. Wei got my FSH down to 8, which my Reproductive Endocrinologist was happy with to begin IVF. After 3 previous failed IVF's and a 1 cancelled IVF due to high FSH, I had an easy IVF cycle with Dr. Wei's treatment. My egg quality was GREAT. The day of transfer I was so nervous, my RE said we had 4 good quality embryo's. I cried. I wasn't pregnant yet, and couldn't believe with Acupuncture I had GOOD QUALITY embryo's. We transferred all 4 due to my age. I am happy to say I gave birth in January to twins, 1 boy 1 girl, the best of both worlds.
    Now, I tell everyone I know who has been trying unsuccessfully to try Acupuncture. It not only helped my body get pregnant, but it also reduced my stress.
    My husband and I can't thank Dr. Wei enough. Without her I wouldn't have gotten pregnant.

  • Sciatica testionial, Linnea from Coconut creek
    As an R.N. who has worked in medicine for 45 years, I am pleased to recommend Dr. H. Wei for her professional work in acupuncture. She is thoroughly trained in her profession and is able to diagnose problems. She will treat several problems for the same fee. The various medical problems for which I have received treatment are listed below. I am highly pleased with the results of her treatments, and highly recommend her work.

    1. I suffered from a Trigger Finger, left middle finger. After treatment it was cured.

    2. After a faii in which I suffered a severe lower back injury, I was told by a medical doctor to have cortisone injections, use pain pills, and use a cane. There was no improvement. After treatment by Dr. Wei, I had less pain and was able to give up the cane and pills after one week.

    3. For severe sinus pain I had two treatments. The sinus drained and I have had no pain since.

    4. I have had eczema for many years. On my feet and legs the itching was severe. After one treatment, there was no more itching.

    5. An old fracture gave pain in my left knee. After a treatment this has much improved.

    6. For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand an M.D. recommended using a brace and future surgery. After two treatments by Dr. Wei, my hand is much improved and I have no pain.

    Linnea from Coconut creek
  • Faster healing testimonial, Bentley from Wellington FL
    I am a 67 year old male with diabetes, neuropathy, and hypertension. Early this summer, I broke my foot and had to wear a "boot" for three months. The bone was not healing like the Podiatrist expected. So, I decided to explore the option of acupuncture.

    After a month, on a twice a week regimen of acupuncture the bone healed to the surprise of the doctor.
    Dr. Hui Wei was excellent. I want to thank her for making my experience with acupuncture therapy a great one.

    Bentley from Wellington FL
  • Shoulder Pain/Bursitis, John
    Dr H. Wei,
    I have had a right shoulder problem for over 2 years If not longer. I have been treated with deep tissue message, physical therapy exercises and stretches, I have seen various chiropractors, and have recently seen an Orthopedic who has diagnosed me as having bursitis under my right scapula.
    He has ordered an MRI to determine if there could be another cause for my pain. I am an avid golfer and have not been able to play pain free for the past year. I get the shoulder treated and the problem always comes back. And I begin the cycle all over again. Can you help me? I saw your advertisement in the "Winston Trails neighborhood news."

    Patient John

    Dr. H Wei,
    You are fantastic! You treated me yesterday morning and I was able to sleep last night PAIN FREE!! This is the first time I have been able to do this in many months. I feel so rested this morning and am amazed at your talent and skill. I know I have a ways to go until I am completely healed of this injury that has plagued me for many years.
    Thank you very very much,
    Patient John
    Patient John
  • Frozen Shoulder Testimonial, John
    Dr. Hui Wei, M.D.,
    I want to thank you for the effective treatment of my frozen shoulder. Before I came to you, I had been treated by an Orthopedic Surgeon who tried physical therapy without any improvement. Another Orthopedic Surgeon gave me a Cortisone shot into my shoulder that was extremely painful but ineffective.

    I wanted to try acupuncture, so I found two individuals who advertised acupuncture treatments. Neither one was helpful, but I still believed that acupuncture could help me. My neighbor put me in contact with you. After the third acupuncture treatment, I discovered that I could reach out to the bank drive through window — something that I hadn’t been able to do for over six months. My shoulder continued to improve and I recovered full use of it. Your patience and understanding was also an important part of my therapy. Thank you for helping me recover.

  • Migraine Headache testimonial, Ana
    My name is Ana Westfall, and I have worked for Fedex for more that 25 years. Being a courier requires me to be in good physical health and to maintain a strong back and legs to be able to lift up to 751bs. In the past years I have had many injuries such as pulled muscles and sore ligaments the worst injury coming from an auto accident causing me to have neck surgery.

    Less than two years ago was the first time I had injured my lower back. One cold early Sunday, I leaned over the bathroom sink to wash my face, and when I sneezed! My back just popped and the pain was so intense I could not move. I first tried going to a chiropractor but all I could take was heating stimulation and pain medication; but after a week Ihad not improved. When I called my primary doctor for advice, he told me that “Acupuncture” would be good to try. I researched the places I could go and Dr. Wei was a God send. When I first saw her I was still walking with a lot pain, and I was not comfortable sitting, standing or sleeping. Within the first treatment I felt so much relief it was incredible. By the third treatment I could bend and touch my toes and was able to move without pain; and by the fifth session Iwas back to work with no restrictions.

    Just two weeks ago, I visited her for a migraine headache and muscle tension on my neck and shoulders; and once again I was amazed in how quickly I felt relief from a migraine!

    Most of my friends and coworkers have heard me talk about my experience with acupuncture, and I know some of them are very squeamish about needles, but I tell them, there is no pain involved, and that you will accelerate your recovery of your injury. Dr. Wei also uses Chinese herbs that I have used and are very affective.

    Thank you Dr. Wei, you are a God send!

  • Quit Smoking testimonial, Chris
    Dear Dr. Wei,
    After 25 years of smoking, with no success of quitting on my own your services were recommended to me. I was very skeptical regarding acupuncture services but decided to try it.

    As of today, it has been two months since my last cigarette and I have no desire to light up. Due to your services I am now on my way to a healthier and stronger life thanks to you. Thank you very much.

  • Cone Rod Dystrophy(Vision Disorder), Liz from Lake Worth, FL
    Nearly 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a degenerative vision condition called Cone Rod Dystrophy. Year after year, my vision would become worse and there was nothing that I could do about it.

    When I was told that I had become legally blind, I realized that if I did nothing I would become blind within a few more years. With no other options, I began to look into alternatives that could help. I researched acupuncture and found some promising information. In some cases, people regain some of their lost vision, and in most cases, vision can be stabilized. I immediately started acupuncture treatments with Hui Wei (nearly 2 years ago) and my vision seems to have stabilized. Approximately 1 year ago, I missed 6 sessions in a row and realized that my vision seemed to be getting worse again. I contacted Dr. Wei and she treated me twice per week for a few weeks until my vision was back to where it had previously been. As scary as it was to see my vision get worse, it confirmed the importance of the acupuncture to keep my vision stabilized. Dr. Wei has continued to monitor my vision and with any changes that occur, she alters the treatments accordingly. I could not be happier with my decision to think outside of the box and try acupuncture. Dr. Wei and the acupuncture treatments have most definitely helped me!

    Liz Lake Worth, FL
  • Depression Testimonial, Cindy from West Palm Beach, FL
    My first acupuncture appointment with Dr. Hui Wei was March 20, 2009. Any regrets you ask? I can truthfully say that my only regret is that I didn't seek out Dr.Wei's help and try acupuncture for my health problems months/years sooner !!!!! Two days before my first appointment with Dr Wei, during a conversation with my chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Viscusi, I told him "I would rather be dead if I have to continue being a slave to the pharmacuetical companies".

    Some background about me: I will be 53 in July 2009. I am a three-time cancer survivor. I have been taking medication for diabetes since January 2003, but my diabetes remained uncontrolled. Since the late 70's, I've also been treated, off-and-on, for hypertension, depression and anxiety.

    At the beginning of July 2008, I was trying to have a phone conversation with my best friend in Ohio, who is an LPN. I was unable to communicate, unable to complete a coherent sentence. She was so concerned for me, thinking I was having a stroke, that she hung up from me and with help from her local 911 service, had Palm Beach County emergency personnel sent to my home. I was transported by emergency personnel to a local hospital. My blood sugar level and my blood pressure were so high that I'm lucky to be alive.

    After my hospital stay, between July 2008 and January 2009, after several "hit and miss" dosage changes and the addition of a new medication every time I went to my general practioners' office, I had been prescribed and was taking NINE different medications every day, one for depression, four to control my blood pressure, two for diabetes, and two to lower my cholesterol. In February 2009, after a "fasting" blood work-up, my "fasting blood sugar" was 187 (which is extremely high). I had yet another medication added to my daily pill intake for diabetes control and yet another increase in dosage. I was now taking TEN different medications a day. I considered my life as 'just existing', not living.

    Six months after being admitted to the hospital, I physically felt worse than I did before I went. The side effects and published warnings for these medications scared me more than the diseases themselves.

    Before going to Dr. Wei and trying acupuncture for my ailments, I had almost given up hope of ever having a chance at a normal life and feeling like a human being again.

    I've had a total of 8 acupuncture treatments so far. I was able to start weening away from my pills for my diabetes, hypertension, and depression almost immed- iately (after my 2nd treatment). I now check my blood sugar level every morning upon rising. My fasting levels now are between 90 - 110. My diabetes is now controlled by diet & minimal medication. Dr. Wei has also been able to drama- tically help mewith my back problems, too!

    I'm so glad that I took a "leap of faith" and had the courage to try acupunc- ture and Dr. Wei !!!! It's good to have hope in my life again!

    Cindy West Palm Beach, FL
  • Post Surgery Recovery, Gabriel from Deerfield Beach, FL
    Dear Dr. Wei,
    I'm writing this e-mail to express my gratitude for your professional services and as a testimonial that hopefully may aid others in making a decision when seeking help for their health care. I am an ophthalmologist and throughout my life I have considered that as a professional dedicated to healing others, it is my responsibility to have an open mind and to look for any additional tools that may help our patients, even if I have not mastered these techniques. For this reason I have always welcomed help from professionals in other fields of expertise.

    I have enjoyed a relatively healthy life and being 58 years old, I am grateful that I have not suffered from any chronic illnesses and do not take any medications. However, over the past few years, my back progressively worsened. I have a familial, inherited spinal stenosis and 1 month ago underwent an 8-hour surgical decompression and fusion with instrumentation to correct this. During surgery and the initial postoperative period, I had a catheter in my bladder. Once it was removed, it was obvious it had irritated my prostate and I was having significant difficulty eliminating. Day and night I was tormented with a frequent urgency that came approximately every 1 to 1 and a half hours. I could not sleep well and felt very tired. With your knowledge and compassionate care, I am back to normal after only a few sessions. I avoided systemic medications and their unwanted side effects.

    Again, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your invaluable help in my journey back to good health!
    Best regards,

    Gabriel, MD
    Academic Director
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